As a former journalist and resident of Rethymnon, Greece, I have noticed a number of similarities and differences in both the journalism and every day way of living in regards to living here in America. I have seen both the good and bad that both countries have to offer and I feel like I owe it to my home country to try to address some of these differences and spread awareness of how amazing both countries are in their own respect.


My name is Adelino and I am 45 years old, born in Rethymnon and currently living in America. I don’t think many people here really pay attention to the state that Greece is in as far as their journalism and economy goes, and for those who do I am afraid they have a skewed view of how it actually is. Although it is harder to get away with reporting and writing about what you want there, it still has plenty to offer and will always have a place in my heart.

I hope I can get more people to learn about and understand my home country and help it receive the attention that it deserves. Feel free to email me here if you would like to know anything else or have any questions about any of the topics I discuss.