The Buildings

There is something about Rethymnon that I think the majority of people who have been there can agree on. The construction and architectural work that has gone into the buildings is absolutely amazing. There is a vintage and classic feel that is so authentic and beautiful, no one can go through the towns and not agree with the feeling of beauty that you get.

From the Floors to the Roofs

Unlike the remarkable skyscrapers and huge buildings that you find so commonly here in America, the work that is done to the buildings in Rethymnon and most of Greece are much smaller for the most part and the work is usually done by hand.


The designs are classic but you still can see how much work has gone into building these structures. Take a look at the roofs if you ever get a chance to explore this amazing town. You would think that they would appear much more flimsy and not the protection you might see here in America, but the craftsmanship is so well done that you know they can handle even the harshest of weather conditions.

As long as the building is standing, you will feel as safe as anywhere else in the world and can really tell how much work has gone into the classic and beautiful buildings that make up Rethymnon.

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