Differences I See

Since making the move here to America from Rethymnon, I have seen a lot of both similarities and differences in all different aspects of life. I see these differences in the journalism and how it is ran, the tourism industry, and the actual way of life.


The biggest thing that I have noticed that is different here in America in regards to journalism would have to be the freedom that most journalists have here, which is an amazing thing.

As I have mentioned earlier on here, the journalists in Rethymnon and other parts of Greece really have to be careful about what they decide to report on and exactly how they do it. There are strict punishments for slander and other forms of written crimes which you just really don’t see often here in America.

The Homes and Living

The ways things are built are much different in both countries, especially in homes.


What I like about having a home in America is that you have so many options to make it unique and you very rarely have to do anything yourself. Any home repair or improvement I have ever had done on my house was done by a licensed contractor and you have tons of options for who you want to do it.

You will never see such a variety and abundance of professional workers to take care of whatever you might need in my home country. Between the technology and the diversity, you can find whatever you need here.


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