Overall Comparison

Having lived in both Greece and America, I have seen a number of similarities and differences with what I see as pros and cons for both countries in regards to both the journalism and everyday way of living. Although I have gone in a few different directions with everything, the main reason I decided to bring this page back is because of my time working as a journalist in Greece and some of the major problems that they face in today’s day and age.

Where America Shines

So because of the censorship and fear of persecution for reporting on a number of different topics or beliefs, I think it goes without saying that America has it right in these regards and makes the country a much better and more favorable place in the world of Journalism.


Besides some lash back from certain interest groups or companies, the second amendment protects you from pretty much any sort of consequence from reporting on anything you choose which is absolutely the way it should be.

Where Greece Shines

As you may have guessed it from my last post, the scenery and breathtaking views that many homes in Greece have are like nothing that you will ever see anywhere else. The cool breeze blowing in your face while you are overlooking the stunning blue sea in front of you is honestly one of the most beautiful and amazing things I have ever been fortunate enough to experience.

The tourism in Greece truly is as amazing as the pictures make it seem.

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