America Pulling Ahead

Another thing that I think is worth noting about living here in America as opposed to Greece is the abundance of technological advancement that we are seeing here. In Greece, people aren’t still using very outdated and huge computers or anything, but here in America people are tending to rely more and more on their smart phones and other forms of technology which I think is great. Not only does it make life easier, but it really shows how far this country has been coming as a whole when compared to others.

Anything You Need

I talked a little bit about it last time here, but I don’t think many Americans realize how amazing we have it here in regards to our tech. I think it has to do with our economy that is gaining speed again and allows us to have the ability and resources to develop and use this technology.


In Greece, it is much more rare to see people staring down at their phones all day long and using them for everyday living when compared to this country. Going off my roofing example earlier, looking up information on what is the best materials to use or where to find them is as easy as clicking a link.

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