Is Journalism in Trouble?

For anyone out there who is not from Greece like I am, you might not be aware that they are facing quite a problem in regards to independent journalism and this is for a number of reasons. We are very fortunate here in America and face very little restrictions when it comes to what we say when we are compared to the majority of other countries around the world.

greekIn Rethymnon, the punishments are much harsher and the restrictions are much tighter as to what you can get away with writing about. Luckily for us here, free speech is a very protected right under our constitution and unless you are inciting violence or a riot, you can pretty much say whatever you would like.


In Greece, the government and many of its public figures use fear as a tactic to silence people from expressing themselves. Penalties for defamation and other what I like to call “thought crimes” can be extremely harsh and severe. Because of this, many people are terrified to report on any real journalism and say what they would like to say.

It really is a horrible state of being for the country as a whole and I believe free speech is an all encompassing right. We can’t silence people for reporting on what they want and saying what they want to say.

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