More On Tech

Looking back and thinking about it more, I think the advancement of technology that I just talked about has a lot to do with the better overall and every day living that I think we have here in America when I compare it to Greece.

Many Options

Before when I was talking about living in America, I briefly mentioned that we have been allowed to make our homes unique and have many more options when it comes to making them. In Greece, the majority of all homes are generally the same thing and it is hard to find many different variations of homes around the country and especially the town that I lived in, Rethymnon.


With just the click of a button on your phone, you can hire roof repair services like thus one that I talked about before and there are a number of options for you. In Greece you would be lucky to find one that is close enough to you to be of any real help. Like I said before, the economy is not in the best shape it has ever been in and the unemployment rate is very high when compared to America, meaning that you have less businesses that are open for shop.

Allows You to Be Unique

With the number of businesses thriving here in America and the advancement of technology, you have no problem finding any sort of professional company you need for pretty much anywhere in the country. All you have to do is pull up your phone to look up the cost of gaf shingles that we looked at on our last post and then you are only a click away from something completely different like a metal roof & siding cost. With the huge amount of different local businesses open offering unique products and services, you can easily make your home stand out from others and feel unique which is rare for my old home town.

America Pulling Ahead

Another thing that I think is worth noting about living here in America as opposed to Greece is the abundance of technological advancement that we are seeing here. In Greece, people aren’t still using very outdated and huge computers or anything, but here in America people are tending to rely more and more on their smart phones and other forms of technology which I think is great. Not only does it make life easier, but it really shows how far this country has been coming as a whole when compared to others.

Anything You Need

I talked a little bit about it last time here, but I don’t think many Americans realize how amazing we have it here in regards to our tech. I think it has to do with our economy that is gaining speed again and allows us to have the ability and resources to develop and use this technology.


In Greece, it is much more rare to see people staring down at their phones all day long and using them for everyday living when compared to this country. Going off my roofing example earlier, looking up information on what is the best materials to use or where to find them is as easy as clicking a link.

Everyday Living

So with my last one I tried to be fair and balanced by giving my favorite aspects of both America and Greece in regards to journalism and some of the amazing scenery that Rethymnon offers, but what about living in general?

As Far As Every Day Life

If I had to choose between the two countries to live in and raise a family, I would have to say that America is the winner and for more reasons than just the freedom of speech. For the most part, the houses in Rethymnon and other parts of Greece are much smaller and not built with the same quality and craftsmanship that we are used to seeing here in America.

Another thing that I have noticed is the huge variety of different styles of homes that are all over the country. The majority of homes in Greece are very similar to one another and are generally not as big. There aren’t as many licensed & insured contractors in Rethymnon and the majority of the houses were built by the homeowners themselves.


As you may or may not know, the Greek economy is not doing as well as it has in the past and because of this not many people have the luxury to afford hiring professionals for any home improvement work or repairs. The exteriors and roofs on homes are all very similar to each other and I don’t know about you, but I prefer adding my own unique touch to my home and property.

As the economy is getting worse, unemployment is rising and many people are out of jobs which lessens the variety and choices that residents of Rethymnon have for their houses. Here in America, we are lucky enough to have an economy that is recovering which is allowing more and more local businesses to thrive. We have many options for metal or asphalt and you can make your home and property as unique or as standard as you please.

As proud as I am to be from Greece, I could not be more thankful that I now live here in America.

Overall Comparison

Having lived in both Greece and America, I have seen a number of similarities and differences with what I see as pros and cons for both countries in regards to both the journalism and everyday way of living. Although I have gone in a few different directions with everything, the main reason I decided to bring this page back is because of my time working as a journalist in Greece and some of the major problems that they face in today’s day and age.

Where America Shines

So because of the censorship and fear of persecution for reporting on a number of different topics or beliefs, I think it goes without saying that America has it right in these regards and makes the country a much better and more favorable place in the world of Journalism.


Besides some lash back from certain interest groups or companies, the second amendment protects you from pretty much any sort of consequence from reporting on anything you choose which is absolutely the way it should be.

Where Greece Shines

As you may have guessed it from my last post, the scenery and breathtaking views that many homes in Greece have are like nothing that you will ever see anywhere else. The cool breeze blowing in your face while you are overlooking the stunning blue sea in front of you is honestly one of the most beautiful and amazing things I have ever been fortunate enough to experience.

The tourism in Greece truly is as amazing as the pictures make it seem.

From the Outside

Although I have absolutely loved my time living here in America, there is one thing that Rethymnon and other parts of Greece offers that I have never seen anywhere else in the world.

Views Like You’ll Never See

So I touched on the differences between Greece and America a little bit last time but left the biggest difference and my absolute favorite part of Greece for its own post. There are homes and buildings along the shore line of Greece that offer you views of the ocean that you really can’t get from anywhere else.


Although I unfortunately didn’t live right on the shore when I was there, it was only a short drive away and even though I grew up there and was used to the views, I never got bored of just sitting by the ocean and looking off into the absolutely breathtaking views that it offered. This is something that everyone should see sometime in their lives. There are a number of hotels and hostels that have a view of the ocean right outside your window and will leave you breathless.

The homes are generally not as big as what we are used to here in America, but what you are looking at from outside the smaller homes make it way more than worth it. If there was one thing that I could take with me from Rethymnon, it would absolutely be the incredible views that it has to offer.

Differences I See

Since making the move here to America from Rethymnon, I have seen a lot of both similarities and differences in all different aspects of life. I see these differences in the journalism and how it is ran, the tourism industry, and the actual way of life.


The biggest thing that I have noticed that is different here in America in regards to journalism would have to be the freedom that most journalists have here, which is an amazing thing.

As I have mentioned earlier on here, the journalists in Rethymnon and other parts of Greece really have to be careful about what they decide to report on and exactly how they do it. There are strict punishments for slander and other forms of written crimes which you just really don’t see often here in America.

The Homes and Living

The ways things are built are much different in both countries, especially in homes.


What I like about having a home in America is that you have so many options to make it unique and you very rarely have to do anything yourself. Any home repair or improvement I have ever had done on my house was done by a licensed contractor and you have tons of options for who you want to do it.

You will never see such a variety and abundance of professional workers to take care of whatever you might need in my home country. Between the technology and the diversity, you can find whatever you need here.


The Buildings

There is something about Rethymnon that I think the majority of people who have been there can agree on. The construction and architectural work that has gone into the buildings is absolutely amazing. There is a vintage and classic feel that is so authentic and beautiful, no one can go through the towns and not agree with the feeling of beauty that you get.

From the Floors to the Roofs

Unlike the remarkable skyscrapers and huge buildings that you find so commonly here in America, the work that is done to the buildings in Rethymnon and most of Greece are much smaller for the most part and the work is usually done by hand.


The designs are classic but you still can see how much work has gone into building these structures. Take a look at the roofs if you ever get a chance to explore this amazing town. You would think that they would appear much more flimsy and not the protection you might see here in America, but the craftsmanship is so well done that you know they can handle even the harshest of weather conditions.

As long as the building is standing, you will feel as safe as anywhere else in the world and can really tell how much work has gone into the classic and beautiful buildings that make up Rethymnon.

On a Lighter Note…

Although the state of journalism and the economy is at a sort of low as a whole for the country of Greece, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression that it isn’t an incredibly beautiful place that has a lot to offer. It is still among one of the more popular tourist destinations, especially for Americans, and for good reason. Rethymnon really was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and would go back in an instant.

Old Town


Rethymnon Old Town is one of the most popular destinations among tourists and for anyone who hasn’t been there, I strongly recommend making this one of your first stops. The authenticity and vintage feel that you get from the city is amazing and everyone is incredibly friendly, welcoming tourists for much needed local businesses.

The Ice Cream!

If you happen to make it to this amazing place, do not forget to get the sheep’s milk ice cream from the one and only shop down town. It might not sound that appealing to you Americans reading this but let me tell you, do not knock it til you try it because it is to this day one of the most amazing desserts I have ever had. You will never have a richer and creamier tasting ice cream in your life; I promise you.

State of Helplessness

It might be hard for anyone who is reading this that is from America, but there really is not much the people of Rethymnon or Greece can do as far as their censorship in journalism goes. People are terrified of actual punishment and severe penalties for saying what they want to say or reporting on whatever they want to report on.


Unless there is an outright revolution, there really is not much the people of Greece can do. It doesn’t matter how many journalists report on what they choose to, the people up top can do what they want to silence them and prevent them from ever doing any sort of journalism work again.

Here in America

Quite the contrary to Greece, we here in America are so grateful and lucky to be protected under the second amendment which is of course the right to free speech. I don’t believe anyone should ever be silenced or be told what they can or can’t report on. This is what makes this country so great, the ability to say what we are feeling and having the right to have an open discussion. How can we solve so many issues that people have in regards to their point of views and attitudes if we immediately silence and punish them?


Is Journalism in Trouble?

For anyone out there who is not from Greece like I am, you might not be aware that they are facing quite a problem in regards to independent journalism and this is for a number of reasons. We are very fortunate here in America and face very little restrictions when it comes to what we say when we are compared to the majority of other countries around the world.

greekIn Rethymnon, the punishments are much harsher and the restrictions are much tighter as to what you can get away with writing about. Luckily for us here, free speech is a very protected right under our constitution and unless you are inciting violence or a riot, you can pretty much say whatever you would like.


In Greece, the government and many of its public figures use fear as a tactic to silence people from expressing themselves. Penalties for defamation and other what I like to call “thought crimes” can be extremely harsh and severe. Because of this, many people are terrified to report on any real journalism and say what they would like to say.

It really is a horrible state of being for the country as a whole and I believe free speech is an all encompassing right. We can’t silence people for reporting on what they want and saying what they want to say.