More On Tech

Looking back and thinking about it more, I think the advancement of technology that I just talked about has a lot to do with the better overall and every day living that I think we have here in America when I compare it to Greece.

Many Options

Before when I was talking about living in America, I briefly mentioned that we have been allowed to make our homes unique and have many more options when it comes to making them. In Greece, the majority of all homes are generally the same thing and it is hard to find many different variations of homes around the country and especially the town that I lived in, Rethymnon.


With just the click of a button on your phone, you can hire roof repair services like thus one that I talked about before and there are a number of options for you. In Greece you would be lucky to find one that is close enough to you to be of any real help. Like I said before, the economy is not in the best shape it has ever been in and the unemployment rate is very high when compared to America, meaning that you have less businesses that are open for shop.

Allows You to Be Unique

With the number of businesses thriving here in America and the advancement of technology, you have no problem finding any sort of professional company you need for pretty much anywhere in the country. All you have to do is pull up your phone to look up the cost of gaf shingles that we looked at on our last post and then you are only a click away from something completely different like a metal roof & siding cost. With the huge amount of different local businesses open offering unique products and services, you can easily make your home stand out from others and feel unique which is rare for my old home town.

America Pulling Ahead

Another thing that I think is worth noting about living here in America as opposed to Greece is the abundance of technological advancement that we are seeing here. In Greece, people aren’t still using very outdated and huge computers or anything, but here in America people are tending to rely more and more on their smart phones and other forms of technology which I think is great. Not only does it make life easier, but it really shows how far this country has been coming as a whole when compared to others.

Anything You Need

I talked a little bit about it last time here, but I don’t think many Americans realize how amazing we have it here in regards to our tech. I think it has to do with our economy that is gaining speed again and allows us to have the ability and resources to develop and use this technology.


In Greece, it is much more rare to see people staring down at their phones all day long and using them for everyday living when compared to this country. Going off my roofing example earlier, looking up information on what is the best materials to use or where to find them is as easy as clicking a link.